A Heat Press is a small investment & requires little space compared to other decoration equipment.

Screenprint Transfers require no experience to print and offer a small learning curve.

Recently improved ink, paper, + equipment technology create higher quality & greater versatility.

Screenprint Transfers offer great versatility, w/ the ability to print on-demand and "gang" artwork.

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Learn More About Our Heat Transfer Startup Kit
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Learn About All of Our Equipment Packages

Equipment Logistics

- Heat presses have improved to deliver more accurate time, temperature, & pressure, and thus a higher quality finished product.

- Instead of investing $10k - $60K in screen printing equipment, a startup business can purchase a quality heat press for between $1k - $4K.

- A heat press requires 1/10th of the space as a typical screen-printing setup and uses far less electricity.

Ease of Use / Learning Curve

- Screenprint transfers are easy to apply with a quality heat press and the correct variable settings.

- A heat press requires no prior experience to use, and Print Phase will instruct you on the best combination of variables to create the optimal print for your custom product.

- Heat presses and screenprint transfers are perfect for schools & small businesses as they provide branding opportunities with little risk.  

Improvements in Ink & Paper

- Both the ink and transfer paper used in screenprint transfers have improved greatly in recent years.

- These improvements make it much easier for the heat press operator to transfer the design onto a product with little-to-no difficulty.

- Screenprint transfers can be applied to a large product line without having to use a different type of ink or paper.

Versatility of Heat Transfers

- Screenprint transfers offer the ability to print on-demand while offering clients large volume prices.

- Clients often need more shirts of the same design at a later time, which would require clients to maintain inventory if they were direct screen printing.

- Screenprint transfers eliminate the need to hold printed apparel inventory, which always leads to a variety of left over sizes.

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