We love Entrepreneurship and creating low-risk opportunities for aspiring business owners to take advantage with our affiliate websites and heat transfer startup kit being our two most popular.

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Heat Pressing Transfers Entrepreneurship Opportunity

Print Fundraising’s decoration business opportunity is for DECA and FBLA chapters, as well as students who have an entrepreneurial drive to start a business.

Print Fundraising & Print Phase were started by DECA alumni Zach Dewhurst, who purchased his first heat press when he was 19 and printed for local businesses while pursuing his marketing degree from The Ohio State University.  As a result, he learned a lot about the potential of the decoration industry. The custom decoration industry will only continue to grow, all the while offering many different revenue routes. 

You can start a custom apparel printing business, your own retail brand(s), or even both. Once you have familiarized yourself with the decoration industry, you will realize how easy it can be to have multiple successful brands.  

That is in large part because decorating shirts using a quality heat press is fast, easy, and very profitable, especially when you have access to our education guides: “The Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting, Managing, and Marketing a new Business” and “How to Start, Manage, and Market a Custom Decoration Business.”

Our turnkey opportunity is a great way for any young entrepreneur to learn about what it takes to run their own business, whether it be in the decoration industry or something else.  We believe in entrepreneurship and its importance in the modern world, and therefore want to encourage young people to pursue it as a career path.

Please don’t hesitate contacting us with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have about starting your own custom decoration business.

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