Our education guides cover how to start a small business, how to manage a decoration business, and how to run a successful Student-Based Enterprise. Our curriculum consists of over 150 topics that include articles, Powerpoints, downloadable PDFs, and even videos.

Our goal is to educate young entrepreneurs and provide them with the skills necessary to be successful in the business world. We continuously create and release education materials to help put your chapter in the best position for success.

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We Have Created Six Detailed Business Guides to Help Chapters be as Successful as Possible

We pride ourselves on creating high-quality, free learning materials to help schools be as successful as possible. Our curriculum is designed to help young business students understand the basics of starting and managing a new business. The curriculum is a good bridge and precursor to what a college business student will learn. We spent several years putting together our curriculum through the help of young entrepreneurs, marketing teachers, and English majors.

The Young Entrepreneurs Guide to Starting a New Business

This guide was developed because we know that becoming an entrepreneur can be a difficult process.  Our aim is to provide students with all the knowledge they will need to get their ventures started on the right foot. We have taken the time to put together the ultimate guide to make starting a new business easier and help young entrepreneurs avoid mistakes. 

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The Guide to Starting a New Decoration Business

This guide will help you and your students learn how to successfully print apparel and other products using a heat press and how to best sell your products and services.  We feel that the better we can educate advisors and students on how the decoration industry works, the more easily they will be able to develop a strategy that will allow them to reach their goals. 

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The Guide to Starting a New SBE Decoration Business

This guide focuses specifically how to run a successful decoration business through a school.  Our SBE guide includes both short & long term strategies, team roles & responsibilities, and how to use our program in competition.  We know the importance of a good education and we think this guide and our program will benefit both schools and students.

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The Guide to Creating a New Fashion Brand

This guide focuses on educating both students and chapters on how easy it is to create a new fashion brand with very little investment. The majority of our higher quality wholesale apparel products feature a tear-away tag that can easily be replaced with a custom brand. Fashion merchandising will always exist so take time to learn more by reading this guide & watching our videos.

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The Guide to Managing an Ecommerce Website

This guide teaches the ins and outs of ecommerce and how to manage & market one of our affiliate websites. Our education articles and videos make launching a new website from scratch a breeze. The combination of this guide and our 100% free websites gives advisors everything they need to teach ecommerce and online marketing in their classroom. 

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An Introduction to the Art of Screen Printing

This guide was developed more so for vocational schools who wish to teach the art/trade of screen printing. For decades the art of screen printing was taught in vocational and high schools. However, it is now taught much less  often with just as much demand for the trade. This guide allows an individual with no screen printing experience to become an expert.

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