Learn & Earn

Our Heat Transfer Fundraising Program Revolves Around Students Learning About:

Starting and Managing a Small Business

Marketing and Selling Products

Forecasting Sales and Managing Finances

Fulfilling Orders and Controlling Inventory

Learn About Our Heat Transfer Startup Kit
Learn More About Our Heat Transfer Startup Kit
Learn More About All of Our Equipment Packages
Learn About All of Our Equipment Packages

How Our Learn & Earn Heat Transfer Opportunity Works

1. Invest in a Heat Press

The only piece of equipment our fundraising program requires is a heat press that retails for $2,200. The heat press can easily be paid off in just the first few hundred prints.

2. Design & Purchase Transfers

Students create designs and order screen print transfers of the artwork to be heat pressed on-demand. We have many design templates, tools, and support videos to help you create the perfect artwork.

3. Buy Blank Products

We offer a wide range of t-shirts, tanks, v-necks, and sweatshirts in unisex, ladies, and youth sizes. Our blank products are wholesale-priced and arrive within 1-5 business days of being ordered.

4. Print Shirts in 10 seconds

Our screenprint transfers are applied for approximately 10 seconds, meaning a couple of products can be printed each minute. Our screen print transfers are very easy to use and have great opacity, longevity, and feel.

5. Sell Products / Fulfill Orders

By insourcing printing, a school can drastically cut their costs and increase revenue. T-shirts start at around $2.50 and most transfers cost around $1.75. In just 10 seconds, a school can take $4.00 in material cost and turn it into a $12 (or more) finished product.

6. Learn & Earn as a Class

We have created hundreds of help articles, powerpoints, PDF’s, and videos so that students and teachers can better understand how to start and run a decoration business. Students will learn valuable entrepreneurship and marketing skills, as well as how to manage a decoration business.

The Three Different Revenue Routes

1. Insource the printing of school spirit wear for resale.

Take over the responsibility of printing your school's spirit wear and raise your SBE's profits. By insourcing spiritwear, you have greater control over your costs, margins, and quality. We offer a wide range of wholesale-priced blank printable products and 3 different transfer sizes giving you the most value for your money.

2. Print for organizations within your district.

Once you have mastered the printing of spiritwear, reach out to other organizations and teams at the school to fulfill their custom-decorated product needs. Teams and clubs make for excellent clients, as the students, faculty, and parents involved will all want custom-decorated products.

3. Print for local businesses & your community.

Having cornered all markets within your school, where should you look to next? There are countless businesses and organizations within every community, and each has at least some need for custom-decorated products. Use your experience in the school and low cost as selling points to attract new clients in your community.

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