Heat Transfer Supply Kit

Our heat transfer supply kit comes with everything you will need to press screen print and other types of heat-applied transfers. 

The heat eraser is used for rubbing glitter or vinyl transfers before pulling them off of the shirt. It is unnecessary for pressing the majority of our transfers.

The heat tape allows you to tape a transfer at an exact location on a product. The tape can take any amount of heat that the press can dish out. Try not to tape over any area where there ink is on the other side of the paper, as it may affect the look of the cured print.

The brown paper is kraft paper, and it can be your best friend at times. Kraft paper is primarily used to press a transfer for a second time and give you peace of mind that the print has cured completely. Kraft paper can last for hundreds of prints, but should be thrown away if it starts to darken or becomes creased.

The translucent paper is parchment paper, which acts like Kraft paper. Parchment paper is primarily used for sealing a glitter transfer after it has been printed. Parchment paper that has been used to seal a glitter transfer should be thrown away after one use. If you ever run out of parchment paper, you can always find it at your local grocery store.

The heat pillows that come with the transfer supply kit are great for printing on difficult garments or locations, including sweatshirts, youth shirts, sleeves, or leggings. Placing a pillow under or into a product will elevate the print surface, giving you a nice, clean area on which to place the print.  Our kit comes with the 3 pillow sizes you will need: adult, youth and sleeve.

The kit also comes with top and bottom platen teflon covers for the heat press. They are somewhat expensive, but they are worth it because they will help keep your press clean and safe. The all-black cover goes on the top heating element and the brown Teflon cover goes on the bottom platen of the press.

We have also included a tag gun and a sticker gun in the kit. These can both be used to mark items with their price and other information before they are sold in your store.

The last thing we include with our transfer supply kit are test transfers. These transfers should be used to practice and gain experience pressing shirts. There are around 30 screenprint transfers featuring different designs, as well as a few pre-cut vinyl letters and numbers for you to play around with. We have taken the time to put together the ultimate transfer supply kit to make printing transfers as easy as possible and put you in the best position for success.

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