When To Use Our Learn & Earn Opportunities in Competition

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One of the great things about Print Fundraising’s educational program and fundraising opportunity is that it can be used to help your DECA chapter in competitions all the way through to the ICDC.  In addition to enabling hands-on learning by running a business and making money for your DECA chapter, you can help your students to compete and win. Using our program also reinforces what students learn in the classroom by meeting educational standards in an authentic setting.  Below are some of the ways that you can use Print Fundraising’s learn & earn opportunity in specific DECA competitive events.


School-Based Enterprise (SBE) Certification- “Earning a chapter or individual certification garners international recognition, provides credibility, validates curriculum efficacy and strengthens the relevancy of the SBE as a valuable teaching tool” (DECA.com).  Print Fundraising’s learn & earn SBE opportunity is perfect for earning your chapter an SBE (Retail Operations) certification, as it meets the guidelines to help you achieve Gold Certification.


Learn and Earn Project- The Learn and Earn Project applies entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to a single sales/service activity to be run as a real business venture (DECA Guide 2016).  Chapters competing in this event are using our fundraising opportunity as a real business venture and learn about the four main functions of a business: Accounting/Finance, Management, Operations, and of course, Marketing.


Entrepreneurship Promotion Project- Through DECA’s many entrepreneurship events, students learn the foundations of entrepreneurship and develop a better idea of how to go about starting their own businesses.  Print Fundraising has taken the time to create rich, educational content to explain the foundations of entrepreneurship and how to start, manage, and market a new business.  


Business Growth Plan- The DECA Business Growth Plan involves strategy development needed to grow an existing business currently owned by a DECA member.  Whether they want to start a custom decoration business or create their own apparel brand, we have everything a young business student needs to start and grow a business.


Independent Business Plan- “The DECA Independent Business Plan involves the development of a comprehensive proposal to start a new business” (DECA Guide 2016).  Print Fundraising has taken the time to write detailed content on how to start, manage, and market a new business, and even teach students how to write a successful business plan.  


Start–Up Business Plan- The DECA Start-Up Business Plan involves the development of a proposal to form a business.  By using the tools available through Print Fundraising, a student can easily create a comprehensive business plan for their own start-up venture. 


Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan- The DECA Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate promotional knowledge and skills required of management personnel (DECA Guide 2016).  Print Fundraising’s fundraising program allows chapters to insource their production, reducing their costs and printed inventory, and giving students the ability to show their creativity and create perceived value.


Advertising Campaign- While Print Fundraising’s fundraising program teaches the foundation of starting and managing a decoration business, our education materials primarily revolve around teaching marketing.  By using our program, DECA chapters can develop an advertising campaign that focuses on promoting printed retail apparel products, custom decoration services, or the school store’s brand.



Print Fundraising will continue to develop our learn and earn program to coordinate with DECA competitive events as it is our goal to create the best possible learn and earn experience.  Our program is designed to not only be educational and profitable, but useful in competitive events and most of all, fun!

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