Outsourcing: Wide Format Printing

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It is common for a decoration business to receive requests for other products, like graduation banners, posters, and stickers.  Unfortunately, these products cannot be decorated using a heat press. Print Fundraising knows that schools do not have unlimited resources, but you want to satisfy your customers and keep them from going elsewhere to spend their money.  We offer contract pricing for wide format print jobs, leaving you room to make a healthy profit with the right markup. 


Wide format printing offers the ability to create diverse decorated products that no other process can duplicate.  Wide format printers are essentially super-sized inkjet printers that can print much larger media. Wide format printers are capable of printing full-color, photo quality images and require no minimums to print.   


Wide format printing is the most common process for printing graduation banners, which are extremely popular within schools every year.  By offering your customers the ability to get a graduation banner and other gifts for the graduates in their lives, you can keep more of their business.  Vinyl banners are also perfect for sports teams and events. Our wall clings are essentially “Fatheads,” which are perfect for athletes with action photos.  Our canvas prints are perfect for senior photos and can be purchased wrapped or shipped in a roll for future wrapping or framing. All the products are available in five or more different sizes.  So why not give your customers what they want and need? Start outsourcing custom wide format printing to us!  


We offer a large variety of sizes for each type of product:

Vinyl banners for graduation or sports

Wall Clings for athletes

Canvas Prints for senior photos


Sample Kit

Our wide format sample product kit includes a custom printed poster, sticker, vinyl banner, wall cling, and wrapped canvas for $100.00. 

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