Outsourcing: Embroidery

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If you sell t-shirts, then you will get requests for hats, polos, and bags.  All of these items can be decorated with screen print transfers, but they will look their best when they are embroidered.  Embroidery is a difficult and expensive process, but it is also quite valuable. Embroidery has a high perceived value when compared to screen print transfers, primarily due to the 3D nature of the finished design.  There is a lot of demand within schools for embroidered products. Parents, teachers, and faculty are particularly fond of embroidered polos and hats, and students typically enjoy embroidered products like bags and jackets.


Print Fundraising offers embroidery services because we know your customers want them.  Embroidery machines are expensive and require time to develop the skill set, so it is best to outsource it to us until you have a much higher demand.  We can embroider hats, polos, bags, and jackets, all of which are products that customers are willing to pay a premium price for. We offer no minimums and contract pricing for the schools involved in our Learn & Program.  


In order to sew artwork it must first be digitized, and so Print Fundraising also offers digitizing services.  Digitizing the artwork tells the embroidery machine how many stitches to lay and where to lay them in order to create the design.  Artwork must be digitized for a specific product type and design size. For each new size or product type, the artwork must be digitized again.  In addition to digitizing your artwork, we will provide you with the digitized files for you to keep. We also offer 3D (also known as “puff”) digitizing and  embroidery, which looks great and adds perceived value to the finished product. 


Rather than turning away your customers who want embroidery services, why not outsource the order and keep your customers happy?  Outsourcing embroidery to Print Fundraising will not only keep your customers satisfied, but it will also allow you to make a profit on the order as well.  


Print Fundraising offers a variety of products in each category.

Hats $10-20

Polos $10-20

Bags $10-20

Jackets $10-20


Sample Kit

Print Fundraising offers two different embroidery sample kits that feature custom decorated hats, polos, bags, and jackets. Our small embroidery sample kit includes 2 hats, 2 polos, 2 bags, and a jacket and costs $100. Our large embroidery sample kit includes 4 hats, 4 polos, 4 bags, and 2 jackets and costs $150.

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