Outsourcing: DTG Printing

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It is common for a customer to request a small apparel order featuring artwork with many colors.  This is not an ideal transaction for screen printing or screen print transfers, which are best for high-volume and low color quantity orders.  However, it is perfect for Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing. Print Fundraising offers contract pricing on DTG printing for a wide variety of cotton-based apparel products so that you do not have to turn away customers who want services that you could not otherwise provide.  


DTG printing is a unique process that produces beautiful finished products.  The printers operate much like inkjet printers, except instead of printing onto paper, they print onto garments.  DTG printers are capable of printing full-color, photo quality images onto 100% cotton and some cotton/poly blends.  One of the best things about DTG printing is there are no minimums necessary to print. However, like other no minimum decoration processes the equipment is more expensive and it takes more time to master the printing process.  


Few decoration shops operate exclusively with DTG printing.  Screen printing and screen print transfers are the foundation for most decoration businesses because they can handle bulk orders.  Most decoration shops use DTG as a supplement to their screen print options, allowing them to offer a unique blend of products. This is why we at Print Fundraising offer the ability to outsource DTG printing, giving you the versatility to fulfill more of your customers’ needs.  


T-Shirts = Starting at $12.00

Full Color

No Minimum

Primarily 100% Cotton Shirts


Sample Kit

You can purchase a custom DTG-printed t-shirt sample for $10, and we will print any design you want.  Contact us to learn more about our custom decorated product samples. 


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