DECA Competition: Learn & Earn Project

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The DECA Learn and Earn Project is a chapter project that provides an opportunity for chapter members to develop business and marketing knowledge and skills.  The Learn and Earn Project applies entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to a single sales/service activity to be run as a real business venture. The sales/service activity may focus on any subject of interest to the chapter and should involve almost all the chapter members.  School-based enterprise projects may be appropriate, but should be planned around a new marketing program within the enterprise. 


The project includes a written paper (up to 30 pages), an oral presentation, and can have 1 to 3 participants. The paper includes an executive summary, description of the product, service, or company proposed project, analysis of the business situation, planned operation of the proposed project, and the outcomes from the project. 

Print Fundraising’s learn and earn fundraising program is perfect to use as a DECA Learn and Earn Project.  We know that DECA consists of some of the brightest business minded high school students in the country. That is why we specifically created our fundraising program for DECA chapters to use as a tool to learn the foundations of marketing and entrepreneurship while earning money to pay for competition.  The DECA Learn and Earn Project is such a great event because of the real life experiences and benefits that come from it. Most students do not want to be lectured. Rather, they want a fun, hands-on learning experience, and they can even use ours in competition. The Learn and Earn Project allows students to use our fundraising opportunity as a real business venture and learn about the four main functions of a business: Accounting/Finance, Management, Operations, and of course, Marketing.  While the project includes significant work, it creates an opportunity for the chapter to come together and be proud of something they did as a team. 


The best part of using our fundraising program as a DECA Learn and Earn Project is the chapter can use it in event competition, and benefit from a financial standpoint as well.  This is what makes our fundraising opportunity so great- instead of just pretending to create a small business, students can actually implement this plan and see how successful it can be.  So, if there are one to three students in your chapter who are not sure what event/project they want to compete in, and have a future in entrepreneurship, consider having them lead your chapter to the ICDC using our one of a kind fundraising opportunity as a DECA Learn and Earn Project. 

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