DECA Competition: Entrepreneurship Promotion Plan

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The DECA Entrepreneurship Promotion Project is a chapter project that provides an opportunity for chapter members to develop a better understanding of the knowledge and skills needed for planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating a campaign to educate chapter members and the general public (or an organized group) about the opportunities available for becoming an entrepreneur.  After learning the economic principles associated with entrepreneurship, chapter members will utilize their marketing knowledge and skills to communicate the benefits of entrepreneurship to others. All chapter members are encouraged to participate in the project. 

The project includes a written paper (up to 30 pages), an oral presentation, and can have between one to three participants.  The paper includes an executive summary, description of the DECA chapter, management of activities, and evaluation & recommendations for future campaigns.

Print Fundraising’s learn & earn fundraising program is perfect to use as a DECA Entrepreneurship Promotion Project.  Entrepreneurship is a career path like no other and it is important that students realize that opportunity. Simply put, our fundraising program is not only great for DECA chapters, but also for students who wish to start their own business.  By conducting an Entrepreneurship Promotion Project, students can learn the foundations of entrepreneurship and thus have a better idea of how to go about starting their own business. We have taken the time to create rich, educational content to explain the foundations of entrepreneurship and how to start, manage, and market a new business.  We know that DECA consists of many future entrepreneurs, and we know that for a student to be a successful entrepreneur using our program, we must provide all the tools and resources necessary to make it as much a turnkey opportunity as possible. We have even worked with several DECA alumni who have purchased their own heat press and screen print transfers with great success. 


The best part of using Print Fundraising’s fundraising program as a DECA Entrepreneurship Project is the chapter may use it in event competition, and will benefit from a financial standpoint as well.  This is what makes our fundraising opportunity so great- instead of just talking about entrepreneurship, DECA chapters and students can actually promote our opportunity and benefit from it in many ways.  We offer a referral program in which we reward DECA chapters who recruit other schools to use our learn & earn fundraising program. When a school recruits another chapter who purchases our heat press startup kit, the referring chapter will receive $300 in screen print transfer credit to be used for future orders.  Word of mouth marketing is one of the strongest forms of marketing, and we would prefer to have DECA chapters market our opportunity to others because they believe in our program. 


Print Fundraising’s entrepreneurship opportunity is also great for small businesses looking to insource apparel printing or add it to their existing product line / services.  We have sold heat presses to restaurants who have had great success printing their own products in-house, giving them great flexibility and profit margins. Whether you want to promote entrepreneurship to other schools, students, or the community, you should consider using our learn and earn fundraising program as a DECA Entrepreneurship Promotion Project.  So, if there are one to three students in your chapter who are not sure what event/project they want to compete in and have a passion for learning about entrepreneurship, consider having them lead your chapter to the ICDC using our one of a kind fundraising opportunity as a DECA Entrepreneurship Promotion Project. 


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