DECA Competition: Business Growth Plan

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The DECA business growth plan involves strategy development needed to grow an existing business owned by a current DECA member.  Options may include franchising, expanding into new markets, opening a second location, licensing agreements, merging with or acquiring another business, diversifying product lines, forming strategic alliances with other businesses, expanding to the internet, and more.  


The event includes a written paper (up to 30 pages), an oral presentation, and can have one to three participants. The paper includes an executive summary, description of the business, operations, and product/services offered, a SWOT Analysis, a five-year growth plan, a financial plan, and a conclusion.  The event must be presented by students who have documented ownership of the business. As a result of this, the Business Growth Plan revolves more around entrepreneurs who wish to start and grow their own business, rather than a chapter using it as a fundraising program. Students who have a strong understanding of entrepreneurship, the decoration industry, and presentation skills should consider competing in this event. 

Print Fundraising’s learn & earn fundraising program is perfect to use as a DECA Business Growth Plan competitive event.  While our earn learn & earn fundraising program is perfect for DECA chapters, it is also a great turnkey business opportunity for young entrepreneurs.  I started my first t-shirt business when I turned twenty years old, and I know DECA is filled with young aspiring entrepreneurs who could easily start a decoration business and be successful.  Our guide to starting, managing, and marketing a decoration business gives students a turnkey entrepreneurship opportunity like no other. Whether they want start a custom decoration business or create your own apparel brand, we have everything a young business student needs to start and grow their business. 


Print Fundraising has seen former students purchase their own heat press and go on to become successful entrepreneurs.  One student averaged over $2,000 in monthly sales in just their first 6 months of being in business. Any student who has entrepreneurial aspirations should consider our one of a kind entrepreneurship opportunity.  Once a student has decided to take the plunge and start their own business, they can compete in a business growth plan. The business growth plan is a great event because students do not have to pretend to be running a business, they actually do it.  So, if there is a student in your chapter who would like to start their own business and use it to compete in a DECA event, they should consider using our turnkey decoration business opportunity.  

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