DECA Competition: Advertisement Campaign

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The DECA Advertising Campaign event provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate promotional knowledge and skills required by management personnel.  The event includes a written paper (up to 11 pages), an oral presentation, and can have one to three participants. The paper includes an executive summary, description of the product, service, or company being promoted, objectives of the campaign, identifying target markets, a list of advertising media selection, schedules of advertisements planned, schedules of all sale promotions, a budget, and statement of benefits to the client/advertiser.  


This event primarily revolves around the “Promotion” aspect of the marketing mix. While students must address all four parts of the marketing mix, the Advertising Campaign is all about creating a promotional plan for a product, service, or brand. Students who have a strong understanding of promotional and presentation skills should consider competing in this event.

Print Fundraising’s learn & earn fundraising program is perfect to use as a DECA advertisement campaign in competition.  While our fundraising program teaches the foundation of starting and managing a decoration business, our education materials primarily revolve around marketing.  Within a decoration business, you must first choose the product, then set the price, find a place for distribution, and promote your products, services, and the business’s brand.  Once a chapter has established a school store, chosen their products, and set their prices, it is then time to start promoting. 

Using Print Fundraising’s learn & earn opportunity, DECA chapters can create an advertising campaign that focuses on promoting printed retail apparel products, custom decoration services, or the school store’s brand.  We highly suggest that a school who uses our fundraising program as an Advertising Campaign event either focus on promoting custom decoration services or the school store brand. Custom-decorated apparel products are purchased on an as-need basis because they are custom, so it is truly more like selling a service than it is selling a product.  Since an advertisement campaign is more about promoting and less about selling, it is perfect for promoting custom decoration services. 

The best part of using our fundraising program as an advertising campaign event is the chapter may use it in event competition, and will benefit from a financial standpoint as well.  This is what make our fundraising opportunity so great- instead of just pretending to create an advertisement campaign for a local business, students can actually implement one and see how successful can be.  So, if there are one to three students in your chapter who are not sure what event they want to compete in, have them consider creating and even possibly implementing an advertisement campaign that might take them all the way to the ICDC!

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