Chapter Roles & Responsibilities: Website Manager

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Of all managers, the website manager has the most straightforward assignment- oversight of the business’s website.  That job begins with the initial design of the site and carries through to daily operation of the site and, eventually, updates or redesigns.  There are two primary concerns when it comes to a website: design and functionality. So, the site must look appealing and it must perform well.  It can difficult to find a balance between the two.



It is especially important that the website accurately and attractively depicts the business’s products.  So, in addition to website design skills, the website manager must have some artistic qualities, or at least convey their vision to an artist to render the design.  In addition to the look of the website, its content must help sell the business to consumers. All website content is essentially communication from the business to the consumer.  The website manager is also responsible for all direct contact with customers through the website. In addition to communication skills, obviously the website manager must be well versed with software programs and have solid computer skills. 


Designing a Retail Website

Creating Retail Products for the website

Handling Communication through the website

Skills Required:


Good with Software

Must Know:

Basic Website Design

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