Chapter Roles & Responsibilities: Sales Promotion Manager

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The sales promotion manager is in charge of creating advertising campaigns for the SBE’s retail products. As such, they will have to work directly in line with the merchandising and store manager on developing promotions to help increase sales.  Collaboration is important for the sales promotion manager because the promotion they develop must be practical and in line with the capabilities of the store and the products themselves.  

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the sales promotion manager’s job is coming up with promotional ideas and strategies.  They will have to have a good understanding of the business’s products, which the merchandising manager can help with. The sales promotion manager must also understand what type of budget they will have to work with, which means working closely with the controller.  Coming up with a promotion will require an understanding of promotions and advertising as well as creativity.  

Communication skills are essential for a sales promotion manager. The sales promotion manager must collaborate with their fellow managers to develop a promotion, and that promotion itself is a form of communication with customers.  An advertising campaign must speak to consumers in a meaningful way, and portray an accurate representation of the business. In many ways, the sales promotion manager represents the business’s communication with its consumers. Also, if there is an entire sales promotion team, the manager will be tasked with leveraging the skills of the team to create multiple ideas and determine those which as best-suited to promote the business and its products.  



Creating an Advertisement Campaign for retail products


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Basic Promotion & Advertising Skills

How to Create & Run an Advertising Campaign 


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