Chapter Roles & Responsibilities: Sales Manager

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The sales manager is in charge of selling the SBE’s custom decoration services.  The sales manager will be the primary contact for customers seeking your custom decoration services.  This means the sales manager must know the product line, decoration processes you offer, and the pricing structures of the business.  It also means the sales manager should have good interpersonal skills, including being a good communicator.  


As sales manager, personal selling skills will certainly be important.  Personal selling is not an easy process to master, if it can be mastered at all.  However, effective communication and personality can go a long way in sales. So, while you might not have a student with personal selling experience a willingness to learn about and practice personal selling will certainly do.  


Selling decoration services might mean going out into the community or communicating with leads obtained through the business’s online marketing.  As such, the sales manager must work with the online marketing manager and the promotions manager to be prepared to sell. If you have multiple sales people, then it will be the responsibility of the sales manager to distribute their talents in a way that maximizes the reach of your sales force.  



Selling Custom Decoration Services 


Skills Required:

Personal Selling



Must Know:

The capabilities and differences between the decoration methods

The entire product line

The pricing for each service

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