Chapter Roles & Responsibilities: Operations Manager

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The operations manager is in charge of the production processes of the business.  The operations manager must know how to print onto each type of product and how to make adjustments when necessary.  As a manager, the operations manager must work with other managers, especially the merchandising manager. 


The operations managers must be able to tell the merchandising manager what products can and cannot be printed.  The operations manager is also in charge of receiving and supply management. 

Production is the biggest function of the operations manager’s job.  The operations manager must understand and be able to perform all production processes of the business, including operation of the heat press.  In addition to that, the operations manager must be able to supervise employees in production and ensure that quality standards are being met. Oversight of the production process is the most important function of the operations manager.  Scheduling is another key function, however, as they are tasked with getting orders produced in a timely manner.  


Attention to detail is an invaluable skill for an operations manager.  Receiving and production in particular are two areas of the business where attention to detail truly pays off.  The operations manager plays a big role in the elimination of waste and shrink in those processes by counting and managing inventory.  As a manager, communication is also an important skill set. The operations manager must be able to communicate with the merchandising manager, the sales manager, and the production staff to reach the business’s goals.  



Receiving / Checking the blank products when the come in 

Overseeing the printing of products

Managing Inventory 


Skills Required:



Must Know:

How to print each type of product

How the heat press works 


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