Chapter Roles & Responsibilities: Online Marketing Manager

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The business’s online marketing manager is responsible for all marketing efforts conducted online.   The online marketing manager will work hand-in-hand with the website manager to promote the business.  While the website manager is in charge of the business’s site, the online marketing manager is tasked with managing all social media accounts for the business, in addition to their other marketing efforts.  Outside of the website, the online marketing manager can work on search engine optimization, email marketing, and any other necessary online marketing techniques.  


Social media fluency and good communication skills are important for the online marketing manager.  Social media is an ever-present fact of modern life, and as such it will be a big part of the online marketing manager’s responsibilities.  So, the online marketing manager must be able to use social media to enhance the business’s brand and sell products.  



Managing Social Media Accounts

Upload Marketing Content onto Website

Skills Required:


Must Know:

How Social Media Works

Understand SEO

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