Chapter Roles & Responsibilities: General Manager

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The general manager is in charge of the entire enterprise and is typically the advisor of the chapter.  The general manager should assign all the other management roles for the business, choosing the most qualified.  It is then the job of the general manager to work with all the other managers to generate as much profit as possible for the business.  Working with the other managers, the general manager is tasked with creating both long and short-term goals that keep everyone focused on the tasks at hand while still planning for the future.  Motivation is another important aspect of the general manager’s job, as they will be looked at as a leader. Finally, the general manager should be in charge of ordering all garments and supplies through Print Phase. 


It is especially important for the general manager to be a good leader.  Maintaining both effort and organization within a business can be difficult, especially when the employee pool is composed of teenagers.  Communication skills are also essential, as it is nearly impossible to be a leader if you are unable to effectively communicate your ideas and demands to the rest of the business.  By communicating clearly and effectively, the general manager gives the business its best chance to succeed. The general manager should know the basics of running a business, and should be able to use that knowledge to effectively lead and manage a successful SBE.  



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