Chapter Roles & Responsibilities: Artwork Manager

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The artwork manager is in charge of creating the final design for retail products and preparing artwork for custom decoration orders.  Artwork is an extremely important part of the SBE. It is difficult to run a successful decoration business without quality artwork. The better the original artwork is for retail products, the more sales there will be.  The better prepared the artwork is, the less expensive outsourcing is. Managing digital artwork is not necessarily the same as being able to draw or paint, however.


Rather, the digital artwork manager should be fluent in at least one of three artwork editing softwares: CorelDraw, Photoshop, or Illustrator.  CorelDraw and Illustrator work best for vectorizing and editing vector files, which are necessary for screen printing. Photoshop is a bitmap image editing program, and some high quality bitmaps can be used for screen printing.  Your digital artwork manager should use one or more of these programs to prepare artwork for print or create custom artwork for a customer.  


Creativity is perhaps the most important skill for a digital artwork manager.  It is the responsibility of the digital artwork managers to make the ideas of the business or the customer come to life.  This is no easy task, and that is why the digital artwork manager should certainly have experience with manipulating digital artwork.  



Creating Custom Designs

Preparing Customer Designs For Outsourcing

Skills Required:


Basic Design Skills


Must Know:

The basics of Digital Artwork (artwork files & formats)

The difference between a vector and a bitmap image

How to create custom designs & prep customer designs for outsourcing

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