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We, at Print Fundraising, spent two years developing an excellent collection of curriculum related to entrepreneurship, starting a product decoration business, and running an SBE decoration business.  This content was designed with DECA students in mind, and we believe that every DECA chapter can benefit from it. The content is educational, and it also provides students with a practical understanding of what it means to run a business.  


We charge a low, one-time, fee for access to our curriculum. We did not design the curriculum for financial reasons, we did it because we want the schools that use our program to be as successful as possible. 

We have broken our curriculum up into 3 sections that explore starting a decoration business, entrepreneurship, and running an SBE decoration business.  

Within each section are subjects that explain various aspects of entrepreneurship or managing a decoration business. Each subject has a corresponding video, PowerPoint, Quiz, and vocabulary flash cards. We know that students learn in many different ways, and that is why we have developed multiple learning methods and ways to test comprehension.  


Section 1 is our Guide to Starting, Managing & Marketing a School-Based Enterprise (SBE) Decoration Business. The content focuses specifically on how to run a successful decoration business through a school.  Section 1 includes both short and long term strategies and team roles and responsibilities for running a decoration SBE.  


Section 2 is our Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting, Managing, & Marketing a New Business.  Becoming an entrepreneur can be a difficult process, but our aim is to provide students with all the knowledge they will need to be successful in their ventures.  Print Fundraising has already had great success working with a local student who really took our program to heart. He has created a printing business for himself and has already acquired several clients.  We hope our entrepreneurship guide will help you to mold the next generation of entrepreneurs. 


Section 3 is Print Fundraising’s Guide to Starting, Managing, & Marketing, a Decoration Business. These articles will help you and your students learn how to successfully print apparel and other products using a heat press, and how to best sell your products and services. We feel the better we can educate advisors and students on how the decoration industry works, the more easily they will be able to develop a strategy that works well for them. 


Print Fundraising has spent countless hours developing this curriculum to best support our Learn & Earn opportunity and we will continue to develop and update it as time goes on.  Our goal with the curriculum is to make your DECA chapter as successful as possible. We believe that each section provides a unique opportunity to learn about what it takes to be successful in the world of business, specifically regarding product decoration and entrepreneurship. 

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